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by Vikki Spencer

When we take responsibility for our own life, then what do we do with all those around us? How do we navigate people - from our kids to our co-workers?

This class will show you steps to take when dealing with a variety of relationships. From how to communicate what we need to what to do when our needs aren't met, you'll learn powerful options to navigate forward instead of staying in painful circles.



  1. Who is in your circles? 

  2. Where are the places you tend to have to "be right"? 

  3. Notice how tending your yard (previous videos) allows time to think through options on handling situations. 

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Amazing connection isn't only possible but effortless when you learn a few core strategies. We'll look into what happens when connection goes sideways, and how one person can change everything. You're only a few videos away from learning how safety, trust, and love can be part of your everyday connections.

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